Understanding Immigration

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Immigration is a Process

In order to immigrate to the United States, the right immigration application must be filled out, turned in to the proper authority, and approved. Depending on the reason for immigration, the type of application will vary. For example, a foreigner can apply for a work visa for employment in the U.S., a refugee can ask for protection status within the U.S., or a U.S. citizen can apply to bring a new spouse from a foreign country to the United States.

Reasons for Immigration

While the most common reason for immigration is associated with families leaving their homeland and moving to the United States to find a fresh start, there are other reasons to become an immigrant. A U.S. citizen can apply to bring an immediate family relative to the U.S. Work Visas can be obtained for temporary residence in order to work in the U.S., but they are not a substitute for permanent immigration.

Immigration Restrictions

Unfortunately, not all immigration applicants will be accepted to come into the United States. For example, there are limits to how many people from a single country can migrate to the U.S, there is also a limit to how many refugees and asylum seekers the U.S. can accept. If a family member or sponsor is unsure if someone qualifies, an immigration lawyer can help offer advice on how to complete the process.

Immigrant vs. Refugee

A refugee or asylum seeker application will vary differently from a normal immigration application. As a refugee, an application is usually sent from a country acting as a transition from their home country to the United States. As an asylum seeker, an application can be completed at a port of entry to the U.S. or within a year of residing in the U.S. Evidence for the reason why the applicant cannot return to their country must be proven.

Complexities of Immigration

While it may sound simple at first glance, the immigration process can become very complicated. A visitor may want to change their visa into an immigration application, or an asylum seeker may reach the U.S. safely but have trouble finding the right application. Each immigration case will be different and approval times may vary, but eventually, citizenship status can be a reality.

It Is Important to Immigrate Legally

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